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$74.95 State approved notary class
How long does it take?
Do I qualify?
Signing agent course
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Private instruction
FREE 4 years phone & email Hotline support available
for notary and signing agent questions at no additional cost.
This signing agent course does NOT expire - no need to renew it's
good as long as you're a notary!
Are you kidding....lets thinks of all the people who purchased or
refinanced in the last 5 years. All those adjustable rate loans
either need to be refinanced into a fixed rate loan, or these loans
will go into foreclosure and be resold.


Do you want to become a certified signing agent? Do you want to make
$50,000 per year or more. Its easier than you think !
As you find out in Notary Class-you are not allowed to give advice to
the document signer; the rest is simply getting signatures and initials
on documents. The whole process takes 20-30 minutes and you get paid
$150.00 and more !
You must be a notary to be a signing agent, so take your notary class
from us.  Check out class dates and locations.
This home study signing agent course was sold as a live class, but so
many people found the course to be so complete there was no longer
a need for a live class. You have aprox 4 months until your notary
commission arrives and you can start working as a notary/signing
agent, so you will have plenty of time to study at home. The final
exam is in the course and when you pass you will receive your certified
certificate of completion by mail (At no additional cost) Now this
course is offered to you as a home study course, you don't need to
leave your home.  Just call our office to purchase this course
909 517.3553

Please call our customer service department to purchase your certified
loan signing agent home study course today. Final exam and certified
certificate of completion included at no additional cost.


 If you are attending any of our live notary classes, you can purchase the

                signing agent course for only $65.00(In-class discount price)

 (You can't get the class discount price here-Only in your notary class or by phone-Pick up
                                            your signing agent course in class)


                 You can also mail us a check/money order if you wish-Download form












You couldn't spend your money any better. Work as much or as little as you wish, this is a great
CASH business.
Check out the testimonials at the bottom of this page !!
* Complete comprehensive signing agent course. Step by step instructions on how to get the loan
docs signed. What to do with each document.
* Companies you can contact for signing agent
* Signing procedures/How much do I charge?/How
do I get a signing job?

* How to schedule your signings.

* Marketing ideas on how to get your business started, it's easy. Tricks of the trade on how to be

a busy signing agent and make the "Big $'s."


* What do I do with the loan docs when they are signed?/How
do I get paid?

* Final Exam (certificate of completion included FREE with course)


* Complete set of sample loan documents. Practice with your friends and family until you are


You can study in the privacy of your own home. You will have detailed information to make you a great

signing agent, at your finger tips to refer to at anytime. Our comprehensive course teaches you a working

knowledge of how to be a signing agent. If we thought you needed a live class, we would charge $119.00

or more- like the others and hold one, but this course is so complete, stuffed full of all the tricks of the

trade you will know it all after completing the course.


This is the easiest course available...and will help you start working as a signing agent the very next day.

                    This course includes your "Certified Certificate of Completion and

                                   4 years phone support at no additional cost.

                                                         Go Team

                                                    CONTACT US AT: Telephone
                                                    909.517.3553 M-F 9-5
                                                        Closed Sat & Sun
                                                    or email us hereEmail


*This course is certified by Southern California Notary Classes and may not be accepted by all companies
in all states. In order to maximize your opportunities, some companies you might wish to sign up with, may
require you to take "Their" certification course. You are allowed to hold more than one certificate of
completion from different signing agent courses/companies.
Our certificate of completion DOES NOT EXPIRE and you will NOT need to renew it.

I thought I would write to update you on my notary business. After taking your class and doing my first
loan signing over a year ago, I am happy to report that I'm still in the business and have become successful
as a Loan Signing Agent.
I want to thank you for putting on the notary class and giving someone like myself an opportunity to make
extra income and to become a professional Notary. In addition, I recently had a question on a signing and
called your office, your office assisted me as if I was one of your own. This speaks so much for your
character, attitude and kindness.
Yes, you can replace my old testimony on how you were there on my first loan signing and add that after
one year later you're still there helping your students when needed.

Thank you so, so much. God bless you continually.
Also, you are more than welcomed to give my email address: NotaryBiz@sbcglobal.netto your students to
confirm this testimony.
R Salera
Prudential California Realty
I wanted to write and tell you just how easy you made my notary class. I passed and only missed
1 question. The signing agent course I bought in class was so easy to understand and I am so happy
that I didn't spend a lot of money for a live class. I have now done 6 signing. Thank you again for
saving me money and time. I am now getting calls all the time for signing agent work.

***First, I would like to thank you so much for your willingness to go the extra mile for your students. You

not only teach the class but then you've made yourself available to calm our nerves down. Let me tell you my

story... The first thing after meeting you, was that you came across as someone sincere and honest. First

impressions meant a lot to me so I decided to heed your words carefully. Your advise to market ourselves

was to be colorful and giving. So, I prepared myself a flyer and placed it on a colorful paper, colorful for

a man. I did as you said and put together a small party bag of chocolates and hardcandies. I then went out

to every title company in my town. This wasn't so easy, so remind your students that they need to pay a price

of "sweat on the brow". I delivered the candies, flyers and business cards in 98 degree weather and getting

in and out of the car was somewhat hot to say the least. After dropping off my last flyer to the 9th Title

company I returned home exhausted and sweaty from the heat. I figured I better start planning on my second

round of advertising in about two weeks. Well, within 30 minutes of getting home I received my first signing.

I was so excited I really didn't ask all the necessary questions. I asked the basic questions like how many signers,

how many loans, where is the signing to take place and that was it. Once they told me that I was to travel 60 miles

I increased my fee $50 more. Originally I advertised for $100 in the local area and anything outside of that would

require an additional fee. They accepted the fee and I was off to Desert Hot Springs for my first signing.

Thank you for being there before I went out to get my signing, you calmed my nerves and gave me the added

assurance that you taught me well. Based on this experience how could I doubt you Queen of Notaries. You may

never understand, but you have been so much of a blessing to me. I pray that you would be blessed ten fold what

you've done for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With Deepest Sincere Thanks, Raul ... NotaryPublic Hey class,

listen up because she knows what she's talking about. If you doubt this letter feel free to email me. You have my

permission to give out my email address.


***I would like to first thank you for the class.
I will make a visit to the recorder's office Monday to start my Notary commission... Your class is clear and very
informative as I have talked to others that don't remember all that they learned. Thus I credit it to your way of
teaching a class with required material and real life information.
***You were right, it was so easy to do my first loan signing. I was nervous, but it went so well and I charged
them $150.00. You said my first signing would take the longest, and I found myself wanting to explain the documents,
but I remembered that would be giving legal advise A loan signing is so easy. Thanks for saving me so much money
compared to other companies. This company has great people and you are all willing to be so helpful.
***Thank You, The handbook that was provided in this home study course was very helpful and a good source of
info. I will be taking this along with me when I do any signings.
N. Monreal
Notary Public,

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