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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that's not listed please call customer service at  909 517.3553



I didn't get my test results from the State

If you didn't get your test results from the State you can call them at  916 263.3520 and press prompt #5.  Be prepared to give your name, date of the exam and a phone number they can call you back at.


I have not received my commission from the State

You will not get your new commission until 30 days before your current commission expires.  You can renew up to 1 year in advance, all items will sit in your file in Sacramento and 30 days before you expire the State will mail your new commission.  If you are late in renewing you may be delayed until you receive your new commission.  Remember to destroy your notary stamp when it expires and if you are out of commission for more than 30 days you must turn in all your journals to the County Clerk where you filed your paperwork 4 years ago and start a new journal or you are now guilty of a misdemeanor.  If you don't receive your new commission 30 days prior to your expiration please call the Secretary of State at 916 653.3595


Can I really take a 3 hour renewal class?

Yes, the State says you only have to take a 3 hour class and exam if you do it early.  If you run late the State will require you take a 6 hour class.  Our classes sell out quickly.  All classes run from 9 to noon with seating for the State exam for only $74.95


Where can I get my livescan fingerprinting done?

Most students get their background done at their local police department.  If your police department doesn't do it you can do a search on the internet for livescan locations in your city.  You can go anywhere now that offers livescan but please use the form we provide when you signed up because it's already filled out by the Secretary of State so the results will automatically meet up with your file in Sacramento.  The average price ranges from $60.00 to $85.00, not everyone charges the same price.


What if I fail?

Don't worry most of our students pass as our passing ratios are 96% to 100% per class,  but in the event you fail you can retake the class again for free within 60 days of your turn down letter as many times as you need.  You can only take the State exam once each month as the State changes the questions on the 1st of every month.  The State will charge you $20.00 to retake the exam the 2nd time.  The exam is more difficult than it has ever been before so when you sign up we will email you study materials and practice exams for those who wish to study prior to class.  To retake the class or exam with Southern California Notary Classes rather than directly with the State you must call or email our office to sign up.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy


All sales are final. There are NO class cancellations and NO returns permitted. You may reschedule a class without penalty 10 days or more prior to your current scheduled class date. Rescheduling within 10 days of the class date will result in a $40 rescheduling fee. No shows will not be refunded for any reason and will be subject to a full class fee for rescheduling. Students will only be allowed to rescheduling one time. On the 2nd rescheduling request the full class fee of $74.95 will be charged again.  ALL CLASS CANCELLATIONS MUST BE DONE BY E- MAIL  E-MAIL NOTIFICATIONS TO: