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Total fees to renew
$74.95 State approved notary class
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              Total costs to Renew


1)  Notary Class  $74.95  3 hour notary renewal class with

Southern California Notary Classes.  The State takes 3-6

months to process your commission so start early.  


2)  Notary exam fee to the State $40.00

     (You pay this fee no matter who you sign up with) 


3)  New livescan $60.00 to 85.00 not everyone

charges the same price.  (We don't offer this in

class anymore due to the high cost $110.00)


4)  Passport photo again, many students are using

one left over from the last time.


5)  New Bond and Stamp including tax and shipping 

is only $63.95.  You don't pay this fee in class.  You will

pay for the bond and stamp when you get your new commission

which should be 30 days before your current commission expires.

If you wish to purchase E&O it comes in many different amounts.

**We also answer questions FREE for 4 years, nothing to join!!


6)  Taking your Oath of office and filing your paperwork at the

county clerk again varies by county approximately 20-40.00


**We offer notary supplies in class.  Journals, Thumbprint pads,

Notary CD's with all the new forms, Receipt books, Notary ID

lanyards and Certified Signing Agent courses!! 


It really is taking 3-6 months to renew your commission.  You can

renew up to 1 year in advance.  Everything then sits in your file in 

Sacramento.  30 days before your commission expires the State then

sends your commission right on time.  This is when you order and pay

for the bond and notary stamp