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Total fees to renew
$74.95 State approved notary class
How long does it take?
Do I qualify?
Signing agent course
Cancel/reschedule policy
Private instruction

How long does it really take to renew my notary commission?

        According to the Secretary of State it is taking 4 - 6 months at this time to
         complete the renewal process. It just depends how many notaries renew in
        that month plus any late renewals.  Due to budget cuts in the Notary division
      at the Secretary of State's office there is a delay in renewing your commission. 
New notary renewal process
New livescan every 4 years-NO EXCEPTIONS It is taking the Secretary of State's
office 14 weeks to process your livescan at this time. You do not have to wait to take your class or 
to start the livescan process. Many of us do our livescan months before our class to avoid a lapse
in our commission. You can now go anywhere to do your livescan if you use the form we provide.
Passport photo for your file in Sacramento You must bring a passport photo each time you renew
3 hour notary renewal class
(or 6 hour class if your commission expires or you don't pass the exam by your expiration date)
Pass the State exam
New 4 year bond/stamp incl tax/shipping with
only $63.95
Don't delay ... begin the renewal process as soon as possible. You can renew up to 1 year before
your expiration date. Everything sits in your file in Sacramento and 30 days prior to your expiration
date you should receive your new commission. This is when you will order a new bond and notary
stamp and take the oath of office again.
*If your commission expires for more than 30 days you must turn in all your
journals to the county clerk and start a new journal or you are now guilty of a misdemeanor.